The Boring Part…

My name is Gianluca Fabrizio and I was born in Alessandria, Italy, in 1965. At seven I moved to Milano, where I still live and work.

Since my early years, Art has always played a key role in all my activities and interests: I’ve been an actor, musician, singer, designer at a professional level for many years and with many acknowledgments from public and clients.

With a master in Law and more than fifteen years spent designing the Web, in 2006 I began my serious digging into photography, and since then a lot of mentions, publications, awards and professional assignments have been granted to my photographic work.

Creative portraiture, still life and landscape/architecture are, among the others, the kind of shots in which I try to concentrate, offering my images by online stock selling Agencies, like Getty Images and iStock, and by custom shootings that can be tailored to satisfy any photographic need and budget.

In the Portfolio section of this website you can view some of my best images produced to date, in the Links section you can jump to many selected places on the Web where my images are displayed and sold and ask for a quotation or a tailored shooting in the Contacts section, where you will also find all the relevant infos about contacting me for a new project.

Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings about my photography using the social sharing tools available in every page of this website – like the one you are actually seeing below – and…

thank you for your visit!

Gianluca Fabrizio